Understanding the Colors of Cancer Wristbands

Cancer is one of the most perplexing medical conditions that we face in our modern world. Some varieties of cancer are relatively common and most people will end up knowing someone who has suffered from it. While there is no definite cure yet, science is getting closer and closer to a cure everyday.

Finding a cure, however, is dependant upon the research receiving enough funding. Luckily, cancer wristbands are popular, fashionable, and are a great way to help fund the research. Each color corresponds to a different variety of cancer and some of the most common colors are posted below.


Pink cancer wristbands are meant to represent breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer faced by women in our society. This type of cancer can range in severity from minor to deadly. Since almost every woman is at a risk for breast cancer at various points in their lives, pink cancer wristbands are a great way to raise awareness and help contribute financially to the search for a cure.


Yellow cancer wristbands are probably the most familiar variety of cancer wristbands. This color was made popular by the “Live Strong” campaign and many people may already have a wristband like this. The color yellow refers to Sarcoma or bone cancer. This is a relatively common type of cancer but the awareness of it is still rather low.


White cancer wristbands refer to lung cancer. Lung cancer is a very common form of cancer and most people will equate it with smoking. There are, however, a number of different causes of lung cancer and it isn’t necessary that someone is a smoker to come down with this variety of cancer. White cancer wristbands can help educate people about the fact that anyone can come down with this potentially deadly variety of cancer.

Latex wristbands are already popular and are a fashionable accessory. Cancer wristbands, however, are much more than just latex bracelets. They come in a number of different colors and each color will correspond to a different variety of this disorder. Buying and wearing cancer wristbands is a great way to show support for sufferers and survivors alike and can help fund the research.