Time’s Up Wristbands Worn by Celebrities on Red Carpet

Celebrities at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards have been seen wearing wristbands and ribbons emblazoned with the ‘Time’s Up’ slogan. This has happened for the second year running with the first outing being black and white custom printed silicone wristbands.

This time around it was the same slogan only with a different wristbands material designed to look more fitting for a celebrity wrist. Celebrities are known to have thought less of the silicone wristbands as they considered them to be cheap. For 2019 they opted for more delicately designed ribbons that hung on their wrist like little butterflies.

Hundreds of A-list celebs consider the Time’s Up wristbands to be an important tool in changing how things are done in Hollywood. Supporters this year included Amber Heard and Rachel Brosnahan.

Rachel Brosnahan shows off her Time's Up wristbands
Rachel Brosnahan shows off her Time’s Up wristbands

In 2018 only a handful of supporters wore the wristbands but this year there were many more. Additional supporters included Golden Globes co-host Andy Samberg and Meher Tatna.

“while we’re still fighting for safety and equity in the workplace, those are the symptoms of a larger problem of an imbalance of power.”—Rachel Brosnahan

No doubt next year there will be another celebrity cause for them to rally around. It could be colored wristbands, tie pins, or something else that doesn’t detract from their sublime loveliness.