Join the Fight with Cancer Wristbands

Cancer. The very word inspires feelings of fear, dread and sadness. Many people will end up knowing one, or more, people who will eventually suffer from this disease. While not all cancers turn out to be fatal, the emotional and physical damage can often follow someone throughout their entire life.

Part of what make cancer such a problem is that the medical field still has a very limited understanding of what cancer is, how it happens and how to cure it. Despite decades of research, we still don’t have a truly effective and guaranteed cure for this pervasive problem.

Many people, especially those affected by this disease, have been doing whatever they can to help raise money for continued cancer research. Many people are also trying to help educate people about what cancer is, what causes it and what people can do to prevent it. Some of these people have been cancer sufferers themselves and others may have lost a friend or loved one to this disease.

While there is a lot that anyone can do to help fight cancer, some people have found that cancer wristbands are the most convenient and inventive way to help raise awareness and fight the disease.

Livestrong silicone wristbands
Livestrong silicone wristbands

Cancer wristbands are small silicone bracelets that come in many different colors. The colors will usually represent a certain type of cancer and may be emblazoned with a certain motto or saying. No matter what type of cancer someone may have been affected by, they are likely to find a color that corresponds to that particular variety.

These wristbands are very popular and are a great way to help join the fight against this devastating disease. The popularity of cancer wristbands seems to have grown from the efforts of Lance Armstrong.

Armstrong is known throughout the world as a champion athlete and has dominated the Tour de France more than once. In addition to his battles in the field of sports, he has also battled cancer. After overcoming this disease he founded the Lance Armstrong Foundation. As part of their effort to raise funding and awareness, they began creating yellow silicone bracelets which bore the motto “Live Strong”.

These little bracelets quickly became very popular and they could be seen in popular media and in everyday life.Since that time, silicone bracelets have become very popular among both adults and young people. While some people may have, at one time, balked at the idea of wearing a silicone bracelet to a high class affair, they are now a very popular and fashionable way to show your support for cancer funding.

They have become so popular, in fact, that many people will wear more than one color in an effort to help support friends and loved ones who have been affected by cancer.

The first cancer wristbands to really become popular may have been yellow but there are now many different colors to choose from. Rather than just being a different choice, each color happens to represent a different type of cancer. Certain colors, such as pink, represent types of cancers that receive a lot of publicity, in this case breast cancer.

There are, however, cancer wristbands of many different colors which represent lesser known varieties of this disease. Most people will be able to find wristbands that represent whatever type of cancer they may have been affected by. With new colors coming out all the time, it will soon be hard to find one that doesn’t fit perfectly.

While a portion of the proceeds from each cancer wristband go to help fund further research, they also serve another important function. Wearing bracelets of different colors help raise people’s awareness of the vast number of people affected by cancers that some people may have never heard of.

Since there are many things that people can do to help reduce their risk of contracting a certain kind of cancer, wearing these wristbands can be a great way to help spread the word. Some cancers, such as melanoma, can be caused by simple everyday things like spending too much time in the sun. Helping people learn how to prevent cancer is one of the most important steps in eliminating it.

Another reason why cancer wristbands are such a great invention is their popularity with children and adolescents. These accessories are quite popular and stylish and most young people would be happy to receive one. These bracelets can really go a long way in spreading important information among young people.

If we can inform young people about cancer prevention and screening then we have a much better chance of eliminating cancer in the near future. Any parent can tell you that talking to young people about important subjects can often be a bit tricky so these popular accessories are a big help.

Cancer wristbands also serve another great purpose as free giveaways at events and parties. Since they are so stylish and popular, many people are happy to receive them as free gifts. These bracelets can be purchased in bulk, a great way to donate even more to cancer research, and then handed out at local events.

Since they are so affordable, it’s possible to buy quite a bit and do even more to help raise awareness than simply wearing one yourself. These bracelets truly are a great multi-purpose way to help fight cancer.

Cancer is easily one of the worst problems that we face in modern society. The prevalence of this disease, coupled with its relative mystery, makes it an especially difficult problem to eliminate. If we want to find a cure and create a future for our children that is free from the fear of cancer, then we must all do what we can.

Cancer wristbands are, possibly, the best way to help fund further research and spread information about cancer prevention and screening. Many cancers are treatable if caught early and wearing these fashionable, popular and stylish accessories is a great way to help save lives.