Cancer Wristbands – A Great Way to Support a Great Cause

Cancer is easily one of the most frightening diseases we face in our modern society. Part of what makes cancer such a worrisome problem is that there are so many different types. Many people are health conscious but it seems like there is little anyone can really do to avoid cancer completely.

Another aspect to this disease is that many elements of it remain a bit of a mystery to the scientific community.

While we may have a few studies that show links between certain activities and cancer, such as smoking and lung cancer, we have very little knowledge about things like brain cancer.

The most important thing that anyone can do is to help raise awareness about this problem and, hopefully, help raise funding for cancer research. The best way to do this is through cancer wristbands.

What are they?

Cancer wristbands are fashionable and affordable little accessories. They are small silicone bracelets which come in a variety of different colors and will often have sayings printed on them. Each color is meant to represent a different type of cancer. For example, pink represents breast cancer while white represents lung cancer.

The real purpose of these bracelets, however, is that a portion of their costs go to help fund cancer research. With so many different types of cancer, the medical field needs all the help it can get. They also serve as a great way to help raise awareness about a certain type of cancer which may not receive as much publicity as others.

What do they look like?

The chances are pretty good that you’ve already seen a number of different wristbands before. They are small silicone bracelets that are about an inch wide. They’re made from a stretchy type of rubber and are therefore very resilient. The Lance Armstrong Foundation began using yellow wristbands with the words “Live Strong” emblazoned across them.

These quickly became a fashionable accessory among celebrities and normal people alike and you would be hard pressed to go a day without seeing one. Since then, they have become a bit of a staple in many people’s wardrobes.

What is the point of wearing them?

The primary purpose of cancer wristbands is to help fund cancer research. They are basically a fun and fashionable way to donate to a very worthy cause. While this may help explain the reason behind why people purchase them, it doesn’t explain why people wear them.

The secondary purpose of wearing these bracelets is that they can help raise awareness about certain cancers and what measure people can take to reduce their risk of contracting it. Many people will know someone who has suffered from a certain type of cancer.

This cancer may not be very well known and, in some cases, may have been preventable if the person had known what to do. Wearing these wristbands is a great way to help inform people about simple things they can do to help avoid developing cancer.

What are some of the main colors?

As you know by now, each color represents a different type of cancer. While there is no main type of cancer that is supported more than others, there are a few colors which seem to be more common than others.

Livestrong silicone wristbands
Livestrong silicone wristbands

Most yellow bracelets will come from the Lance Armstrong Foundation and are often known as “Live Strong Bracelets”. Pink cancer wristbands are also very popular. This color represents breast cancer which is one of the more common forms of cancer.

Another common color is white, this is used to represent lung cancer which is also a very common form of cancer. Lavender cancer wristbands don’t represent one singular form of cancer but are meant to help raise awareness of cancer in general.

How can I help get others involved?

While cancer wristbands are a great way to support a good cause as an individual, they can also be a great way to get others involved as well. All of the different wristbands can be purchased in bulk. Buying cancer wristbands in bulk is a great way to donate a larger portion of financial help to cancer research. With a bulk order of these bracelets you can then feel free to hand them out at events and fund raisers.

Since they are such a stylish and popular accessory they will be popular with children and adults alike. Passing them out as freebies at an event is a great way to help spread information about cancer and its prevention.

Are there alternatives to wristbands?

While cancer wristbands are the most popular type of this product, there are a number of different alternatives. Some people will prefer to make a statement in a different way and this is just as good. One of the more popular alternatives is miniature wristbands that work as a ring.

These little silicone rings have the same colors associated with them and help serve the same purpose. Some people will also opt for pins, ribbons, buttons and any other number of alternatives. While these may often cost a bit more, the important thing is that they all go to help raise funding and awareness about cancer.

Cancer is a persistent and vexing problem in modern society. Despite the advances in scientific understanding, it seems that many aspects of cancer still remain a mystery. While there is some knowledge about what people can do to help reduce the risk of contracting a certain form of cancer, there is still a sad lack of information regarding its true causes.

The most troublesome aspect of cancer is that there is still no definite cure for any type of cancer. The only thing that we can do is to try our best to help raise funding and hope that, in the future, our efforts will pay off in the form of a true cure for cancer.

One of the most popular, fashionable and fun ways to help raise funding for cancer research is to purchase and wear cancer wristbands. These great little accessories have already gone a long way in bringing us closer to our goal.

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