Cancer Wristbands made of silicone for awareness campaigns and fundraising drives.

Welcome to the website of cancer wristbands. On this site you will expect to find detailed information about the various types of wristbands used for cancer fundraising and awareness campaigns. Additionally, we will outline what the colors are for, what types of materials are used and plenty more information about these popular bracelets.

There’s no doubt that wristbands have been a godsend for charities the world over. As a result, you will have seen or worn a color-coded silicone wristband with the name of the charity or cause on the bracelet. This can be in the way of being embedded into or printed onto the wristband.

What types of cancer wristbands are there?

Generally speaking there is only one type of cancer wristband—one that works! Setting that aside you can get a number of variations that cover material, color scheme and method of adding your message.

Silicone wristbands for cancer awareness campaigns.

The most popular form of charity wristbands will be manufactured from silicone. You will be familiar with these. They are usually a single color and have the name of the charity or cause debossed into the silicone material.

Video: Watch how silicone wristbands are made.

When debossing silicone wristbands you can also have colored ink added into the imprint. These types are called debossed with color fill. Another type will be printed silicone wristbands which is where the surface of the silicone has your message printed onto it with durable ink.

Examples of cancer wristbands made from silicone.
Examples of cancer wristbands made from silicone.

Most cancer charities tend to commission the debossed or debossed with color fill silicone wristbands as these last much longer than the printed counterpart. However, it’s important to note that printed wristbands are cheaper so more suitable for short term branding exercises.

Additionally, with silicone you can also have the material color-banded. This means the wristband material can be more than one color.